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What can I expect from therapy?

Many people come to therapy without really knowing what to expect.  Something is interfering in their life, but they can't seem to find the way to make things better. 


You may be looking for support, information and guidance or have the need to learn new ways to think about things, make sense of them and find ways to deal with them.  For most people, psychotherapy is a process.  You come in with a problem or symptoms that are bothering you, and you hope that someone who is trained to listen and understand can help. 


Therapy is about a relationship between you and your therapist, also.  Without feeling seen and heard by the person you are working with, there is no room to make meaningful changes in your life.  It is important that you and your therapist are a "good fit."  If there is something on your mind, there should be an atmosphere of safety and trust that allows you to talk about it without feeling judged.


Part of therapy is learning.  In the next pages, I am including information that can help you understand more about yourself, or even the people around you.  Take a look around, and see what you think....

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