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  • looking for answers?

  • ready for a change?

  • rebounding from a relationship or having difficulty in one?

  • feeling stuck and defeated?

  • feeling frightened and alone?

  • stopped by a trauma?

  • needing to put things in perspective?

  • wanting to overcome an obstacle?

  • longing to connect to others and to life?

  • searching for a sense of calm and well-being?

How I Can Help You

There are many reasons why people seek counseling and psychotherapy.  Each of us is confronted, at some point in our life with what feels like overwhelming obstacles and challenges.  Often, we look outside of ourselves for answers or we blame ourselves for being inadequate or defective in some way.  We spin our wheels and continue with self defeating behaviors and thoughts, causing more stress and feelings of being stuck.  We feel time slipping away and wish we could enjoy life more.


Counseling can often provide relief from both immediate and long standing problems that get in the way of living a happy and fulfilled life.


This website is designed to give you some general information about my private practice and who I am.  I am trained as a Clinical Social Worker, and specialize in helping people to resolve troubling issues that they face in their lives.  My services include individual therapy, couples and relationship counseling, and life transitions counseling.  I also provide services for general psychological problems such as depression, anxiety and grief.  I specialize in trauma, and offer EMDR therapy for this and many other disorders.  In working through problems, I help my clients recognize and bring forward their strengths and best qualities.  My focus is on helping you to connect to self and others and healing.  I offer people a safe place where they can understand themselves better, learn to have the relationships they want and make the changes they desire.

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