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It's not just about the curriculum...

A career choice to help others speaks to the kind of person that you are.  Often we are drawn to professions because of our own experiences and intuitions, giving us a special talent to relate to the feelings of others.  The content of your courses will give you the knowledge that you need to begin to work with people in many different settings.  This is the beginning of what you will use to affect the lives of those you seek to aid, no matter what area you choose to specialize in.  However, you are the most essential part of the helping relationship.  What you learn in school is just a part of the equation.  Who you are, and how you “use” yourself in a helping relationship is the other part which will determine how successful you ultimately are in your career.


Doing your own personal work of self discovery and healing is important on a personal as well as professional level.  The help that we hope to give our clients is based on our relationship with them.  A simple concept, with many underlying complexities!


If you are curious about what you have just read, then you may want to consider doing your own personal work as you become educated in the “nuts and bolts” of the field of mental health.  I believe that you will find your career much more fulfilling as a result.


I am available for personal consultations, if you are interested!


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